Thursday, September 9, 2010

Setting Up A Plan

Ive struggled so many times to lose the weight but never thought it through or had a solid plan for my workouts or meals. My husband introduced me to "The Body Sculpting Bible For Women" It's a very helpful and informative book. I like that it spells everything out for you. From the food to the workouts. So here is my plan:

2 pounds a week to lose approx 30 pounds before Christmas.
I am not an after work kind of workout girl so I have been getting up at 5AM.....Yes thats right 5AM!!!!!

I purchased a little pink notebook to record what my daily workouts are and also to make sure I have a few meal plans.
There are 3 workouts that I do over 6 days. So day 1 is also day 4.
I have tons of options for food and its really clean eating ( nothing processed)

I will be doing at least 45 min of cardio 6 days a week. I LOVE spinning and plan on taking the class at least twice a week. I get bored just walking on a treadmill so I plan on mixing it up with intervals on a machine 3 days a week and classes the other 3.

Wish me luck!

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