Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dress Searching

I hopped on a website of a local dress shop to check out some dresses and get a feel for styles I like. I look under prom dresses because those are often what is worn for pageants as well and wow have prom dress styles changed in the years since I attended prom!...

When did prom dresses become so......... LITTLE?!


  1. I've been wondering the same thing...

  2. Stopping by from Girl in Pearls.

    I really wish my prom date had worn a dress like that...=)

  3. Stopping by from Girls in Pearls. Congrats on being a pearly blogger.

    Leave it to my boyfriend ^^^^^ to be a typical guy and make that comment

    I have been appalled by how little girls wear and especially at younger ages. Have you seen middle school; girls lately? They look like they might as well be in college or at a strip club really.

    Anyway Im going to go get caught up on your blog thus far. Im excited to read about your process :)

  4. I am also coming over from Jenns blog. :) You are quite lovely, and I am sure whatever you chose you'll look fabulous!

    I graduated only 5 years ago, and it seems the dresses have gone up a foot since I left!