Monday, September 13, 2010

A Bad Start To My Monday

Ive never been a happy camper on Monday mornings to begin with and this morning made it even worse.

I woke up before 5 to get to the gym no later than 5:15. Planned my workout and was excited to try kickboxing this morning. I get to the gym only to see people waiting outside the door. The gym normally opens at 5am. I sat around for a few to see if anyone would be there . I used to work the early morning shift at a gym and know what its like to just hit snooze "one more time". No one showed by 5:30. This basically pushes my whole workout schedule back a day so now I will be working out on Sunday.

I started monitoring my calories and am well prepared by cooking enough chicken for my lunches for the week and I brought a blender for my protein shake snacks during the day.


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