Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I survived the weekend!

Whoa that was tough!

We normally go out for dinner on weekends at least one night and it has always been hard for me to eat healthy. I managed to eat out twice over the weekend and ate healthy meals all within my calorie allowance!

On another good note I am down 1.6 pounds!!!

Not what I was hoping for but honestly ill take it!
It was a tough week for me with school and work and working out. I missed a few days of workouts at the gym because I was in extreme pain after over exerting myself by doing my lower body workout and then taking a "chizeled" class.
Needless to say I was cursing the fact that I have 3 floors....


  1. Congrats girl! It always stinks when we go out and everyone around me is eating cheeseburgers! Grr... Hahah.

  2. Good job! I admire your willpower