Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Balancing Act

I know other people are able to balance way more things in life but I seem to have a lot going on and am trying to treck through!

I am currently working Monday through Friday 8:30-5

I am in school for nursing and have class Monday & Tuesday from 7-9:30

I am getting my phlebotomy certification and have class 9-4 on Saturdays.

I am obviously trying to get in shape for the pageant and am up at 5am Monday thru Friday and at 6 on Saturday. This causes me to have to be in bed by 10ish. I miss all my shows!

I am buying a house ( just put in an offer yesterday Eek!)

I babysit every other weekend on Saturday nights

I help my husbands Nana clean once a week after I get out of work

I never see my husband :( He is in class on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at night and so when im coming home he is leaving for class.

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and just want to pause time for a little bit. I feel like I am not able to fully engage myself in any one of the things I mentioned because I am so worried about what the next thing I have to do is. I think I need to prioritize.


Sound right?!


  1. Yikes! You have so much going on. I felt like that for a while last winter. It was overwhelming. I made it through, but have now cut a lot out.
    Always put yourself first is right!

  2. You have a lot going on! I think a vacay should be in store for you. ;)

  3. Wow you do have a lot going on. I admire you for that. Pretty impressive